Research / Publications

Working Papers

Vanna-Volga Method for Normal Volatilities (2018/2020)
Sparse Structural Approach for Rating Transitions (2017/2020)
Endogenous Derivation and Forecast of Lifetime PDs (2015/2020)
Forecasting Default with Aggregated Financial Ratios (2013/2017)
Non-Classical Ratios and Lasso Selection for Bankruptcy Prediction (2009/2020)

Academic Research

PhD Thesis: Bankruptcy Prediction for Ukrainian, German and North American Companies (2010)
Thesis: Statistical Techniques for Bankruptcy Prediction (2005)
Book: Financial Accounting/Reporting in Ukraine (2006)


  • Fixed Income Conference (WBS)
  • Internal Conferences with Deutsche Bank, Moody’s, PwC, KPMG
  • Campus for Finance (WHU University, Germany)
  • Business Research Conference on Finance, Accounting and Taxation (Viadrina University, Germany)